Lactoscan SCC

  • High-end direct fluorescent, low magnification microscope with fast autofocus and cell counting software
  • Fast, accurate, reliable somatic cells analysis of cow, sheep, goat, buffalo and human milk
  • Possibility of reference analysis
  • Detects subclinical and clinical mastitis
  • Lowest cost per test of Somatic Cell Counts
  • Easy readable results within 20 to 60 seconds
  • Takes a maximum of 60 images by computer controlled X:Y movements and then processes these by the image analysis software
  • Stores unlimited number of record in the database
  • Results are color coded
  • Automatic software update and remote service
  • Portable and compact design
  • 10'' fully functional touchscreen tablet
  • Embedded printer
  • Wireless keypad and mouse
  • Use of 4 channels disposable LACTOCHIPS
  • Low power consumption
  • One year full warranty
    Key features:
  • User-friendly: simple in operation, maintenance, calibration and installation
  • Very small quantity of milk required
  • Low power consumption
  • No use of hazardous chemicals
  • One year full waranty
  • Measuring accuracy adjustment can be done by the user RS 232 Interface
  • More info:
    Environmental Conditions:
  • Ambient air temperature 10C 40C
  • Milk temperature 1C 40C
  • Relative humidity 30% 80%
    Electrical Parameters:
  • AC Power Supply voltage 220V/110VDC
  • Power Supply voltage 12V to 14,2V
  • Power Consumption 30W max
    Mechanical Parameters:
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 290x300x330 mm
  • Weight < 5 kg